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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Mark Hill: Raw Snow Leopard...

The Mark Hill Raw Snow Leopard Sexy Waves & Curls Raw Pro-Magic Wand and the Professional Style & Shine Raw Pro-Power Dryer were gifts I received this Christmas, but I really felt that the curling wand needed a mention, as quite frankly, I LOVE IT!

I have always been a GHD girl and will always use them, but no longer for curling. This does it so much better! Basically, it is a clamp-less ceramic wand which goes up to 200 degrees, with a minimum of 120 degrees. It doesnt take too long to heat up, it is longer than the GHD, and it also has an automatic safety meaning that it turns off after a certain amount of time. This does annoy me however, as having quite a lot of hair, it takes a while to do and it turns itself off just as I'm about 3/4 of the way done. 

What makes it a winner in my eyes, and much better than a straightener for curling, is how easy it is to use, I mean it takes a while to learn how to use GHD's to create smooth curls, I know people who still can't do it, but this you can literally pick up (with the heat gloves on of course) and create beautiful curls or waves depending on the amount of hair used at each time, in an instant.

My hair after
using the wand.
It feels like it is so much better for my hair too. The curls are so soft and my hair feels far less dried out after using this compared to the GHD's. It must be down to the heat used, as I'm sure GHD's are far hotter than the 200 degrees of the wand. The only downside to this wand is that I keep melting my nail polish! (Not really a downside I know, but I couldn't really think of a con and this is kind of annoying. I really have to learn to keep my fingers out of the way.)

All in all, I think everyone who curls their hair should go and get a wand. There's so many on the high street at the minute and I've heard so many good things about a lot of different brands. They're definitely worth a try.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Naked Eyes...

So, I got this the other day from Boots, as I felt I needed to branch out my make up collection and palettes are often the best way to do this, and I chose the Too Faced Naked Eyes Palette.

First off, the packaging is really pretty. It's really small and compact and is perfect for travelling. It also comes with three little cards with three separate looks that you can create with the eyeshadow, and a double ended brush with sponge applicator and an angled brush. I have never used Too Faced before and from the first impressions, it seems like a really lovely product. The box is solid and closes with a magnet, which again is great for travelling if you're one to throw things in a bag and hope for the best.

Now onto the colours. The first row is for the "Day Look". It consists of In The Buff, Pillow Talk and Like A Virgin. As you can see, these are pretty neutral, as you'd expect from a "Naked" palette. In The Buff is a great highlight colour and is really soft so a great blending colour. The only negative with these I think is that the colour payoff is not that great however, they all look lovely on.

The second row is for the "Classic Look" and the colours make a lovely classic smoke look for those who do not really like use of dark colours. These are soooo shimmery and look gorgeous on the eyes! The colours are Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets (which is the most beautiful golden shimmer pink for inner corner highlight) and Unmentionables which is a great crease colour.

The third and final row is for the "Fashion Look" and consists of Pink Cheeks, Lap Dance and Stiletto. The black is dense once built up and looks lovely on the lash lines, again the only problem with these colours is the payoff, a couple of layers is needed to really intensify the colours, but again they do all look lovely. The use of a primer or cream eyeshadow base would really help.

My favourite colour however, must be Satin Sheets, it's just too beautiful! The gold shimmer will add glamour to any look and will look gorgeous in the summer. If you're more of a natural girl like me, this is a great colour as it will add that perfect amount of shimmer to your eyes.

These are the little cards which come with the palette. I think this is a great idea as there is nothing worse than getting something and not knowing how to use it right?! Each of them has three easy and concise steps with a co-ordinating numbered diagram to show you exactly where to put each colour. Perfect! What more could you want?! Too Faced is definitely a winner.