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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Blonde and Blonder: Progress Day Three...

Here we are Day Three of using the John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray and I must say I'm impressed! I really didn't expect the product to work this quickly or provide me with any noticeable result really, but it has.

Here is my before use shot, taken on Sunday:

And here is my Day Three shot taken Tuesday:

The pictures don't show the change well at all, but the hair colour at the roots IS lighter. It does have a bit of an orange tint to it in some lights, but the roots are really starting to match the rest of my hair!

What I've noticed so far using the product is that it does leave a slight scent to your hair, but nowhere near as strong as it smells after having it dyed, so that's a plus point as that smell always gives me a headache :/ Secondly, the instructions are USELESS! It literally gives no guidance whatsoever on how to use the product (except for "Do not use on medium brown or darker hair". It doesn't tell you how much to use, how to apply, what not to do etc all those things you tend to find on colouring products really. So, with no help from Mr. John Frieda, I have just concentrated the application at my roots, brushed through to make sure I've not missed any patches and put a final spritz on the ends of my hair before blow drying and straightening and this seems to be working for me so far.

I have yet to suffer any irritation except from the slight stinging sensation when applying close to the scalp, again nothing worse than dying your hair blonde yourself or at the salon.

So, at the moment I'm happy, slightly orange tinted, but happy and will be updating you again on Day Five and Day Ten.

Thanks for reading and subscribing, it means a lot to me <3
Much Love,

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Blonde and Blonder...

You may remember that I posted earlier on in the year with some blonde saving products. Well as summer is creeping up on us, I feel that now is the time to venture back into being a true blonde. I've been sporting the gradient blonde hair for the best part of winter now and really feel that summer is the time to change this!

I decided that I should dye my hair, but given my past home dye 'orange roots' disasters, I wimped out and stumbled across this product.

The range of uses for the product
and expected results.

Sheer Blonde: Go Blonder
£6.99 Boots

This is the John Frieda Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder Lightening Spray. I bought this after watching MakeupByTiffanyD, and noticed she'd mentioned it A LOT! After a few doubts about the range, with some people showing a bad reaction to the formula of the shampoo and conditioner range, I decided that I should give it a go anyway and hope that I wasn't one that would be affected.

Basically, the product comes in a spray which contains Hydrogen Peroxide. It smells slightly bleach like, but not overly so don't panic, it does however warn about spraying on surfaces as discolouration may occur. It is activated by heat from hair drying and straightening and will permanently dye the hair. It claims to be able to be used to lighten the whole head of hair, create highlights or touch-up roots. I hope that it will even out my roots into the rest of my hair, so I will eventually be able to home dye it.
So queue the bad roots shot:

So as you can see, I have pretty dark roots in comparison to the rest of my hair. I have a very multi-tonal colour and hopefully this will even everything out and create some lovely 'sunkissed' highlights along the way.

The directions state that it should be effective from 3-5 uses, with optimal colouring after 10, so I will be keeping you updated with hopefully less embarrassing photos of my roots at Day 3, 5 and 10. Wish me luck!

What are your thoughts on the Go Blonder range?

Monday, 21 March 2011

Rimmel Lipsticks: A Review...

I have always used Rimmel products, and I bought my first ever make up from the brand so I always feel like I should pick something up from them 'for old times sake'. Most of the time either Boots or Superdrug will have 3 for 2 deals on them so that always draws me into their counters.

Anyway, I decided to pick up a few lipsticks today as there was a 3 for 2 offer on and I wanted to try a few. I don't ever wear lipstick and as I'm trying to branch out my make-up collection this year, I felt I should get some.

Alarm, Vintage Pink, Nude Delight and Summer Angel (Left to Right)
Without Flash

Alarm, Vintage Pink, Nude Delight and Summer Angel (Left to Right)
With Flash
 So here they are. I know, I know there's four of them, but I had to buy a red lipstick the other week as a part of a fancy dress costume, and as it was a Rimmel one I thought I'd include it here. So the black one is a Lasting Finish Lipstick, the two purples are Moisture Renew Lipsticks and the bronze one is also a Moisture Renew but from the summer bronze range. First off, I love the packaging of them, they actually look nice and not cheap, a welcome addition to my handbag I must say!

Alarm, Vintage Pink, Nude Delight and Summer Angel (Bottom to Top)
So as you can see, I tried to choose a range, albeit a VERY small range of colours. I went for a really 'in your face' red in Alarm, (as it was fancy dress), it is a true matte red with no shimmer. It goes on lovely, and lasts a good amount of time for a red lipstick. With it being 'Lasting Finish', I expected this, but was a little disappointed as I felt it could have lasted a liiiitle longer as the other three stayed put around the same amount of time. On the up side, it smells really nice!

The second colour, and my favourite is Vintage Pink. It's one of those colours which is wearable both day and night and gives that 'my lip colour only better' sort of look. It goes on quite purpley, but a lighter hand gives a lovely sheer dark pink colour.

The last two are safe nude colours. Nude Delight is a pure nude with no shimmer and if you're not careful, leaves you with the dead lips look, but paired with a light pinkish gloss gives a lovely look to the lip and is great for a strong eye look. Summer Angel is a very shimmery and glossy nudish bronze, which will be perfect for summer. In my eyes it's more of a gloss and looks good paired with Nude Delight and Vintage Pink so add a little shimmer to two pretty flat lip colours. The Moisture Renew Lipsticks are really moisturising which is great for the price as we all know that a lot of cheaper lipstick can flake really easily.

What are your favourite lip colours at the moment?
Have a great day,

Much Love,