Friday, 8 April 2011

My Storage Solution: Make Up and Nail Polish...

Make Up collection and storage videos are one of my favourite YouTube videos to watch at the moment, partly because I'm trying to expand my collection and see what i should invest in and partly because I'm pretty nosey!

Anyway, I have a very small collection in comparison to those videos, but I still felt that my humble little collection deserved a nice storage solution, so here it is:

Caspian chest of drawers, Argos £59.99.

My make up storage consists of a set of drawers from the Laura Ashley collection, an acrylic cup to store my brushes, and the lid off a No.7 gift set I received at Christmas, to store perfume and hair products.I keep my make up in my bedroom and use a chest of drawers as a little make shift vanity table. I used to keep it in my bathroom, but I recently found out that the steam is bad for it so promptly moved it. 

Laura Ashley for WHSmith Drawers £13.99 on sale.
The top drawers hold all of my face products, the left hand one has all of my lip products, the right one has all of my eyeliner products and single shadows and the bottom drawer has all of my beauty extras and eyeshadow palettes.

Small magnification mirrow from Wilkinson's, a selection of unmarked brushes
and a few hair accessories.

Storing my nail polish is difficult for me as I literally buy new ones every week so my collection expands fast. At the moment I am using a nail polish stand I purchased from eBay, but am going to have to get a new one soon as I'm running out of space. This is kept in my bathroom as I think they look pretty and I usually paint my nails in there anyway. It has 4 full rows and one smaller but thicker one at the back and also has two little compartments for nail tools. I think it's a pretty good solution and it is good as I can see all the colours I have.

Nail Polish Stand, eBay for £9.49

I currently have nail polish from Barry M, O.P.I, L'Oreal, E.L.F, Rimmel, Nails Inc. and GOSH. Any recommendations?

What are your storage solutions? Do you have any tips and tricks?

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  1. I love your small drawers they re gorgeous. I am currently struggling with all make up storage, Ive had to put up a huge shelf to put all my nail polishes on and stagger then so I can see them, hoping can find something better. xx


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