Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Nail Polish Haul and Revlon Scented Nail Polish: A Review...

I went a little mad when my boyfriend offered to take me shopping the other day and picked out some new nail polishes. In all fairness, I only asked for the Scented Revlon Polishes and he picked out the rest, but I'm not complaining.

These first two are from Barry M. They are currently on 2 for £5 at Boots which is a great deal and as there are a number of new colours being released soon, its great to stock up on a few of their more unusual colours before they sell out. The first is Hologram Hexagrams and the second is Racing Green. The Hologram one I picked purely because I thought that it would look amazing on my toes in sandals and then the green because I didn't actually own ANY greens! This one is really beautiful too, it has a sort of blue and gold shimmer to it which is really unusual. Not really a summery colour but a great addition to the collection nonetheless.

The next two are from Max Factor, a brand I have never actually used oddly enough, Ivory and Silver The swatches you can see are two coats and these are still a little too transparent for me. The graphite silver colour would look great over a black base coat and picked this for that reason. I have been looking for a purely black glitter polish for ages, like the Barry M Red Glitter, but in black, but I have yet to find one. If anyone knows of any let me know! The application of these is really nice, except the brush is a little short and stumpy and you really don't get a lot of product for the £5.99 price tag.

Here are the ones I have been dying to try, but I did get really boring colours. Well actually I wanted something that I didn't already have because I didn't just want duplicate polishes except one smelled nice. Anyway, I got Ocean Breeze, a gorgeous green toned, shimmery blue and Coconut Crush a silver shimmered white. I have again, never used Revlon polishes, and I was really impressed with these two colours. Although they applied a little streaky, a third coat helped them a lot. The colours were really long lasting and so was the scent surprisingly (even after a top coat)! The Coconut one is lovely and it reminded me a lot of suncream, which is random I know, but I just couldn't stop smelling my hands after they were all dried (it really smells like plain old polish in the bottle so don't smell that). I was slightly underwhelmed by Ocean Breeze as it didn't really smell of anything other than 'clean' to me. I don't know maybe it was just less scented than Coconut Crush. I really want to try the Bubblegum and the Papaya ones too, they look pretty as well as being nice summery scents.

I also picked up these two other Revlon nail polishes from their regular line, as they were all on 2 for £8. I picked Revlon Red and Minted.

I don't own any true red nail polishes and thought that the classic 'Revlon Red' would be a safe bet, and I was right. The colour applied really well and really only one coat was needed (I did two just to cover up my mistakes though!). It's really chip resistant and dried the fastest of all the polishes I own.

Love this colour, but the application was a bore! I had to do three coats and it's still a little patchy but I can live with it. The colour is just so springy. The consistency of this one was very watery in comparison to the red and the two scented ones, so this would explain the difficult application. On a positive for Revlon, you get a great amount of product for the £6.49 regular price tag, a really nice big and easy to use brush and the bottles look nice too. However, they do NOT fit in my nail polish stand! Annoying ... 

Have you tried any other scented polishes? How have you been spending these gorgeous summery days?

Enjoy your day,
Much Love,