Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Beauty Blender Dupe: Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge...

Right so you know that everyone and their best friend is raving about the BeautyBlender Sponge and how it can make foundation application so much easier and give a more flawless finish than fingers or brushes ever could? Well with its' hefty £14.50 price tag, I wasn't going to shell out for one too quickly but I have found this rather interesting dupe courtesy of Cosmopolitan. 

Cosmopolitan beauty tools can be purchased in larger Superdrug stores and this was only about £5.00 (I'm really sorry I can't remember the price as I lost the receipt and for some reason it doesn't come up on their website). Their Blend Perfection Sponge claims to result in a flawless finish, and do you know what? I completely agree! 

I haven't ever used the BeautyBlender so I can't compare quality etc, but for the price I paid for this one, I think it is amazing and that's not me just saying its good for the price, it's good all round. 

All I do to use is dampen the sponge in water, pump some foundation on the back of my hand, bounce the base of the sponge into it, then gently stipple or bounce the sponge across my skin. I feel like I use a lot more foundation when I use this product however, but I don't mind. I get great coverage and my skin looks really flawless, definitely that 'airbrush' effect. I use the tapered end to go around awkward areas such as around the nose, mouth and eyes and having only ever used fingers or brushes for foundation application, the sponge was a welcome change and produced great results. 

Also, if you have dry or blemish prone skin, this kind of application will be great for you. The water in the sponge will hydrate your skin and the gentle stippling motion will press the foundation onto your skin rather than rub it about which can cause dry skin to flake and make blemishes more visible. It's hot pink as well so that's always a selling point in my eyes. Be sure to cleanse it however, as a build up of product, especially on something you'll be using on your skin is never good. 

If you pop into a Superdrug anytime soon and are thinking about getting the BeautyBlender, try this product first, you'll love it!

Hope you're having a great evening and aren't stressing too much if you still have exams or assignments to do.

Much Love,