Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hairspiration: Katy Perry for GHD 'Sleeping Beauty'...

"Sleeping Beauty woke up in the boho seventies, when parties where wild but hair was relaxed."

I saw this beautiful Ad with Katy Perry in it today whilst on my lunch break from work and absolutely fell in love with her hair. There are a series of these Ad's and she looks amazing in all of them! This is a great festival chic look and is so easy to re-create.
  1. Part your hair into a very clean centre part,
  2. Take about 1-2 inches of hair from under your top layer of hair at one side of your head,
  3. Split this into 3 sections and braid, pulling your it to the other side of your head so it lays flat,
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3,
  5. Secure with bobby pins,
  6. Loosely curl the rest of your hair with GHD's or a curling iron, whichever you have, and lightly brush out,
  7. Add a finishing spray for shine and hairspray for hold.
This style will look gorgeous with maxi-dresses and won't be out of place at the festivals this summer. Want to shake it up a bit? Add a floral garland headband or hair clip to bring it right into summer and spice up a simple short/t-shirt combo outfit.

Check out GHD's step-by-step guide and video to this look here.

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