Thursday, 26 May 2011

Handbag Saviour: Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose...

It's not often that something so little and so usual will catch my eye, let alone a lip balm, but this has. I thought that it was just a prettily packaged lip balm, but looking into Figs & Rouge as a company and their other products, it's a whole lot more!

£2.99 Boots
First off, how beautiful is the packaging? I love anything pink and the vintage look is just gorgeous. Being a sucker for packaging I was sold just by looking at it. The whole range is beautiful and will be a welcome addition to my handbag. It doesn't look like a product you'd find in Boots, more like a little vintage Boutique in the middle of nowhere. They look unique, cute and fashionable, and it's just a balm. 

When I got home, I looked up Figs & Rouge. Here's a little excerpt from their website about the benefits of their balms to the skin.

"Packed with pure & organic essential oils, fatty acids, vitamin e. and a
whole host of nutrients - Figs & Rouge balms are incredibly good for skin! Rejuvenating organic Shea butters, soothing bees wax & delicious aromas combine to make our balms little wonder tins for all skin types"

It seems like these little wonder pots are a great one-for-all balm. Much like the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream but at a fraction of the price (8 Hour Cream retails at around £25.00). The can be used to treat sore skin, tame brows, soften hands and lips, treat spots, prime face before foundation, style hair, moisturise body and face AND as a subtle perfume. For an even longer list of uses for this product check out their website here.

'Delicious aroma' is a major understatement! I have Rambling Rose, and it smells rosy and lemony and just yummy and it doesn't taste horrible either. After using it my lips felt so soft and moisturised but not greasy. This is down to the 100% Organic, Petroleum free recipe, which consists of essential oils and is not tested on animals. 

I'm really looking forward to trying more of the fragrances and especially the Peppermint one to see whether it is good for spot treatment and prevention. They also have other products too, there will definitely be something for everyone in this line. I'm going to try and use Rambling Rose for a different use everyday and see how I get on. I really hope it ends up being one of those saviour products that I can't live without. It looks promising!

What are your handbag essentials?

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