Monday, 27 June 2011

Rimmel Glam'Eyes: Day 2 Night Mascara...

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara in 002 Brown/Black £7.99 (Superdrug)
There has been such buzz about these kinds of mascaras recently, the 2 looks in 1 wonder-scaras. To be honest, I held off trying this as I never have much faith in this kind of product. They sometimes feel gimmicky and attempting to do too much, whilst never really achieving anything. 

However, I grabbed this as I was wondering around Superdrug on my lunch break as I'd heard good things about it, and given the fact I have never disliked a Rimmel product (aside from the Match Perfection Highlighting Concealer)I thought it could do no wrong to try. I actually accidentally picked up the colour Brown/Black by mistake (a happy one as it turns out) but I'll talk about that in a bit.

Anyway, I have been pleasantly surprised by this product. Firstly, it works with the same brush and formula, but the cap which the lengthening side comes out of, has a excess wiper, and so removes almost all of the product before it goes on the lashes. Really, when you take out both caps and pull them apart, you can see just how much excess product comes out, it's crazy!

The 'Length' Cap
The excess product removed using this cap!
I absolutely love the lengthening side. My lashes get separated perfectly and look lovely and lengthened without a clump in sight. I'm not too crazy about the volume side however, as it is a bit too clumpy for my liking, I feel like I've encountered far better volumizing mascaras in my time.

The 'Volume' Cap (You can see just how much more product comes out!)
Here's some photos showing the two looks you can create using this mascara:
Left: Length
Right: Volume
The difference isn't totally noticeable on these pics I know, but just look how pretty the left eye looks, like I have long false lashes on!

Now onto the colour. I have ALWAYS used black mascaras, and have never even contemplated using a brown, however, my eyes have literally been opened to the world of brown mascara. It delivers a far softer look, which is great for the day and perfect for summer, helping to frame those Summery 'No Make Up' make up looks whilst still looking natural. I will always use black mascara, however I can see myself picking up a brown one more often, I love the effect it gives.

I think I will be picking up this mascara in the black as well, as I do have a £2 off voucher for it from Boots which I need to use before September. 

What are your thoughts on 2 in 1 mascaras and using brown instead of black?

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  1. i think its just a copy of Mac's haute and naughty lash mascara that has the same 2 cap thing however macs mascaras do suck x

  2. Yeah it is just a high street version of MAC Haute and Naughty, but I've heard good things about that formula, so after trying this, i've not completely written off trying the MAC one :)

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