Saturday, 25 June 2011

Small Haul: Superdrug, Sleek and MeMeMe...

It's a small haul I know, but still, I thought you all might want to see what I picked up on Friday.
  1. Superdrug 100% Pure Cotton Wool Double Faced Pads
  2. Dettol Healthy Touch Hand Hygiene Gel
  3. Sleek Pout Polish in Monte Carlo
  4. Sleek Blush in Aruba
  5. MeMeMe Blush Me! in Coral
I picked up the cotton as I was running low and it is an essential nail and skincare product for me, and the Dettol Hand Sanitiser was only 19p from Home Bargains so I thought it would be great to keep in my bag.

On to the products...

From Top to Bottom: Sleek Pout Polish in Monte Carlo, Sleek Blush
in Aruba and MeMeMe Blush Me in Coral
I've heard so many great things about Sleek products and have been itching to give them a go, but every time I go in to pick something up, the stand is bare! 

The Pout Polishes are an SPF 15 Tinted Lip Conditioner, which come in a array of colours. This is Monte Carlo from the Mediterranean Collection, a gorgeous hot pink which you can see from the above swatch, is a lot more sheer. It is still really pretty on the lips and leaves a great colour whilst still feeling moisturising. The fact it has SPF is great if you're out in the sun a lot too 

I had a slight shopping FAIL with this one. I thought I was getting the matching blush from the Mediterranean Collection, but quite clearly this is not it! Damn people putting things back in the wrong place. This is in fact the colour Aruba from the Caribbean Collection. It is a colour which I would never usually pick up, and although very scary looking from the swatch, blended out it will look beautiful. It is bang on trend for this Summer and can double as an eyeshadow if you'd like to fully rock out the look and channel some 80's goodness. I may even try out an orange look for you all and post it here.

Finally for the make up, I picked up this Coral blush from the famous Benefit-a-like MeMeMe. These boxed blushes have always been a dupe for Benefit Boxed Blushes, however, I think the fact that they have a mirror in the lid, puts this above them in the practicality stakes. This blush is a lovely pink-coral (rather than orange) with slight gold shimmer, and again a gorgeous Summer colour. I will love using this I think as it can be built up and will bring a nice highlight to the skin. 

What are your Pay Day picks?

Much Love,

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