Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Battle of the Bronzers: Bourjois Délice de Soleil...

This bronzer has become such a cult product recently I was scratching my head as to why I had not yet bought it! And when I saw the newly repackaged version, I thought why not? The addictive swivelling packaging is a great improvement on the original 'chocolate box' one and the fact that it has a mirror means that it is going to be in my handbag all Summer long.
The formulation includes cocoa bean and orange blossom extract which gives it its distinctive 'chocolate' smell and added radiance and hydration to the skin. It also contains SPF 15, which for a Summer product is great. I bought mine in No.12, the shade for fair to medium skin tones.
I love, love, love the packaging! The swivelling mirror is great for travelling as it's a good size, and can be left in a stood up position, perfect for on the go touch ups. So, how does it compare to the other bronzers which I have reviewed?
L-R: Bourjois, NARS Laguna, Solait Maxi Bronzer, St.Moriz Shade 'n'Shimmer
As you can see, this is the deepest shade of bronzer I own (I'm ghostly...seriously). Whilst it still has shimmer, it seems to only be on the surface, giving it a more matte look on the skin than Laguna(I just opened the two products to check that and I got a waft of the chocolate scent from the Bourjois...Mmmm... It smells so nice!.) I still have the swatches on my hand and whilst the St.Moriz has completely gone, Laguna is less visible than the Solait, Bourjois is still completely visible! 

The product is really fine too, it blends with ease and is virtually undetectable. It just leaves a lovely sun kissed glow to the skin. 

It is a great product, the only thing I don't like is the brush, as it is slightly useless as I really like to use a big fluffy brush when it comes to contouring and bronzing my skin. Other than that, I think it's a great product and at only £8.99 is a steal for the staying power and gorgeous scent. A definite holiday beach bag must have. 

Much Love,