Friday, 1 July 2011

How To Wear Candy Coloured Jeans...

Indigo skinny jeans. My fashion STAPLE! If I'm not in leggings or a dress my skinny jeans are on and I'm set. Admittedly, indigo is not a summer colour, but the latest denim trend is changing all of this. Hold onto your skinnies girlies, the colour is coming!

J Brand Haute Hues Collection £205 Each
Fear not though, these little gems can be worn so many different ways, and come in such an array of colours, that you are bound to find a pair for you and find a look to avoid the "Did you get dressed in the dark?" stares. 

The celebs have taken to this trend and it has been seen on everyone from the Kardashian Sisters to none other than Victoria Beckham (in Yellow, and in pink!)

Make like Cameron Diaz and pair lighter colours with white T's or vests and a lightweight blazer, to give a carefree summer edge. This colour will look lovely with florals and chiffon shirts. You can find a more reasonably priced pair at River Island for just a fraction of the price of J Brand ones at £38.00

If you're feeling a little more edgy and still can't shake of the "Jeans should be blue" mentality, then take a leaf out of the Kardashian stylebook and pair with a rock chic leather jacket and studded heels, or even biker boots. These ones are on sale at Reiss for £62 from £89.

The red jean, something which scares me to be honest, but nonetheless our Chezza shows us how to nail the look by again edging them up with a graphic vest. Wear these high waisted TopShop ones (£40.00) with a tucked in chiffon sleeveless blouse or a plain vest and team with a blazer for a different take.

Three Steps to Coloured Denim:
  1. Skinny
  2. Hit at the ankle
  3. As bright as you dare!
I know I'm going to pick myself up some light pink or rust coloured skinnies this summer along with some less adventurous camel ones, and definitely giving my old blue jeans a bit of a rest. 

What are your thoughts?

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