Saturday, 2 July 2011

OPI Coronation: A GOSH Holographic Dupe?...

I thought of this as soon as I opened my GlossyBox, but really wanted to test it out on the nail as although something looks similar in the bottle, it doesn't necessarily transfer onto the nail.

GOSH Holographic is notoriously hard to find but so gorgeous and eye-catching! I can't help but stare at it whenever I have it on my nails. 

So onto the swatches:
Left to Right: GOSH Holographic, OPI Designer Series Coronation, Coronation over Holographic, Barry M Pure Turquoise.

As you can see Holographic is a pure holographic nail polish. It gives a great spectrum of colour on the nail and has a silver base. 
Left to Right: OPI Coronation, Coronation over Holographic

Coronation really did not photograph well, but the holographic-ness in this polish is totally down to the glitters. The base is a slightly darker silver to Holographic, but as you can make out, the finish is completely different. It's so difficult to photograph!

The top swatch is OPI and the bottom is GOSH. You can see just how much prettier Holographic is, and just why everyone went mad for it. It truly does give a finish which I don't think any other polish can rival.

Really, really trying to get a photo of the holo in Coronation and failing :(

What are your favourite unusual polishes of the moment? I think Holographic is still my No.1 unusual, and OPI Coronation is definitely not up to scratch on the dupe front.

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