Friday, 8 July 2011

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25Hour Foundation...

Does it last 25 hours? I don't know as I never keep my makeup on that long, but do I like it? Yes! I love it!

Shade 103 True Ivory
After my Bourjois Healthy Mix ran out, I had all intentions of repurchasing, as I absolutely loved it, but when I arrived in Boots to find it not on the Bourjois stand (I really hope they are still making it) I panicked and went back to the old faithful 'drugstore' brand Rimmel. 

I literally have used Rimmel since I started wearing make up and used the older version of this in the squeeze tube. After my sister recommended that I use this when I was last home, and there was a 3 for 2 on Rimmel, I decided to pick it up

Not completely blended in, but you get the level of coverage it gives :)
In the bottle this did not look like it would match me AT ALL, but on it matches perfectly (as obviously I'm as truly ivory as they get). It has quite a thick consistency in comparison to Healthy Mix and it does seem to be quite sticky on the skin just as it is setting, but the coverage is lovely and it really does stay, I mean really. I have had it on since 8 am, and there is hardly any movement, they only thing that has moved is my concealer.

I am not entirely happy using such a thick foundation in these Summer months, but saying that having skin problems at the moment, this has been a blessing. It covers so well but leaves a natural dewy finish, that doesn't look cakey or that I have overly tried to cover up my blemishes. 

In actual fact, this reminds my of MAC Studio Fix Fluid. That literally just jumped into my head, but less heavy feeling on the skin. Whilst the texture is the same, the finish is so much better and it is so much easier to blend. 

Overall Rimmel, I am impressed with you once again!

What do you always run to when your first pick isn't in stock?

Much Love,