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Guy Kremer: Professional Salon Style at Home...

I was recently sent these lovely items through the post to review (now, I would like to say just because I have been sent something doesn't mean I am going to fib to you all and say everything's amazing if it isn't, my opinions are 100% honest and my own. Trust me :)...)

Picture taken from depicting Guy's hairstyling flair.
Anyway, I have been complaining to you all about how much my hair is in bad condition (I really need to man up and chop some of it off but I can't bring myself to do it!) so when I received this lovely bunch I was over the moon.

  • Repair & Replenish Cleanser - £6.95 here
  • Repair & Replenish Rebalancer - £6.95 here
  • Add The Volume Body Booster Spray - £8.95 here
  • Enhance The Shine Protection Serum - £8.95 here
The Cleanser and Rebalancer (Shampoo and Conditioner) are specifically designed for use in colour treated hair in order to replenish and protect for a more vibrant look. The packaging is gorgeous, definitely 'Salon' inspired and very sleek, I also love the fact they are called 'Cleanser' and 'Rebalancer' they seem so much more professional. Price point wise, they fit in comfortably with other 'Celebrity Hairdresser' product lines. 

Guy Kremer is someone I've never actually heard of before now, but I have learned that he is an internationally renowned hairdresser who has received numerous awards and accolades in both a hair design and business respect, he has even worked with the likes of Alexandra Burke and Edith Bowman!

Cleanser (Top) and Rebalancer (Bottom)
The Cleanser was odd to use, it didn't foam up like I'm used to with my current products, this isn't a good or bad thing in my opinion just a little strange(!). It distributed well and left my hair feeling really clean. It does nothing special but it is a good shampoo nonetheless. The consistency is much like a serum, a lot more runny in comparison to other products and silky in texture. 

The Rebalancer on the other hand is very cream like and looked so remarkably like a moisturiser. It was GORGEOUS in the hair. My hair combed through so easily and it still felt soft and sleek when I rinsed it out. I get so disappointed in products that only feel nice when they're in the hair, and have no actual benefits when it comes to altering the texture of the hair. 

The stand out product for me was the Protection Serum. It smoothed EVERYTHING out and gave my hair a lovely glossy look, which is difficult to achieve when you have blonde hair, and the smallest amount works wonders. I used this when my hair was wet and then once I had blow-dried and styled it and my hair still felt weightless and natural. Love, love, love this product!

I'm on the fence when it comes to the Body Booster Spray. Whilst it did add volume to my hair it made my hair difficult to blow-dry. It did gave me real 'Salon' results in the end but it took a while to get there. I do have a lot of hair though, so this would probably be perfect for you girlies with fine hair in need of a boost. 

The whole line smells like essential oils (believe me this took me a while to put my finger on!)and the scent lingers in the hair, which is absolutely beautiful not overpowering in the slightest. As for the results, I am very happy with them. My boyfriend actually asked if I had been to the hairdressers and said that my hair looked so 'healthy and shiny'. It must be good if a boy noticed! 

Running my fingers through my hair now, I can really feel the difference in it, it is smoother and feels less dry in the most damaged areas. My split ends(eek!)are also visibly smoothed out and less noticeable.

I would definitely recommend the serum to anyone who has damaged hair as you can instantly see and feel a difference and definitely check out the rest of the line here. It contains Cleansers & Rebalancers for dry hair and for hair lacking volume along with styling products and a perfume gloss spray which sounds very intriguing and if it smells like the rest of the line, absolutely gorgeous!

Cleanser and Rebalancer Line
Hair Protection and Styling Line

Are you tempted to check out any of the Guy Kremer line? The Guy Kremer Professional Salon Style line launches with an extended airing on the Ideal World Shopping Channel on August 24th, 2011 (, but the products are available both in the Guy Kremer salon and via the website

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