Monday, 1 August 2011

Maybelline SuperStay 24Hour Lipstick: Disappointing Product...

I don't usually write about products I don't like, but I bought this thinking it would be my 'Red Lipstick' nightmare cure. A long-lasting, glossy product which doesn't budge or split? Perfect right?! 

Well that's what I thought but I used it today, and found myself re-applying it 4/5 times in a 9 hour shift at work, and comparing I only had to re-apply my Rimmel lipstick once (after lunch) in the same amount of time, it's safe to say I feel a little let down by it.

This is how I wanted it to stay all day, and sort of what I had expected, but as you can see from the below photo, it didn't. This was applied about 4 hours ago, and I have not eaten or excessive touched my mouth etc. 
It has flaked off in little dots and has just worn away. I used it to the instructions, i.e. wait for the stain to cry completely first and then applying the balm over the top. 

I don't know whether it is just this colour, with it being bold, but I really wanted to like these, but with results like this I just can't.

Have you used these? What did you think?

Much Love,