Sunday, 14 August 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo Scents Brit and Fresh...

You all know how much I fell in love with the XXL Volume Big & Bouncy which I blogged about here, and I was so happy when the guys at Batiste said they enjoyed my post and offered to send me some more products to have a look at. 

I mentioned that I disliked the scent that most of the Batiste products had and so when I received Brit and Fresh, two of their products featuring a scent, I couldn't wait to try them out.

I love the designs on these bottles! They are something that I don't mind having out on my bathroom shelves and are completely different to other products on the market at the moment. 

Fresh: What Batiste say "Designed to appeal to both sexes, Batiste Fresh’s fragrance is inspired by the rain forest. With lush green notes, it has a fruity twist of pear and citrus accents, with lively florals and a base of woody musk and sandalwood."

I absolutely love the smell of this one and it's my favourite of the two, and for the record so does my boyfriend (not necessarily a plus point for me as this type of thing mysteriously 'disappears' when he's around hmmm...) so if you are a guy reading this and after a not-too-girly dry shampoo this is your product! It smells exactly as described, a little fruity and like fresh air after the rain.

Brit: What Batiste say "Batiste Brit Dry Shampoo has gone all patriotic!  Standing proudly to attention in its quirky Union Jack livery, this fab version of your favourite dry shampoo celebrates its UK heritage and all that is quintessentially British."

For some reason whenever I think of a 'British' smell I always think of museums -_- I have no idea why but that's what I think. Thankfully this does not smell at all like museums, or tea for that fact. I really am bad at describing scents, but to me this smells 'familiar', sort of clean and slightly 'vintage'.

The scents linger in your hair but are not overpowering and so much better than the 'original' scents that are in some of the other products. I am still IN LOVE with XXL and I can see myself repurchasing that for a long time to come. 

The results of both of these products are as promised, oils are banished and hair is left with a little more ooompfh and texture, (they do have the white cast though so all of you dark haired beauties make sure you use it sparingly). I use mine between shampoos and you'd never be able to tell that I hadn't washed it that day and it smells nice to boot ;) The new 200ml size also means that it lasts that little bit longer and at only £2.99 a bottle it won't break the bank, I've even seen a 400ml can! 

What is your favourite Batiste product?

Much Love,