Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Denman Head Hugger Hairbrush...

I am an epic fail when it comes to blow-drying my hair to get Cheryl Cole-esque locks and the volume to boot, but when I was sent this lovely hair brush my skills began significantly improving.

What Denman have to say: "Denmans' Head Hugger brushes feature ceramic-coated barrels to retain heat, enabling damage-free styling. The hourglass shaped barrel 'hugs' the contour of the head providing extra volume and root-lift. Featuring crimped bristle that is gentle on the scalp and provides enhanced grip and control. The brushes are finished off with a Luxury, velvet-touch handle that gives added comfort and control during use."

I was sent the second from largest brush size (DHH3) and after a few trial and error blow-dries I managed to create the desired effect. What is particularly great about these brushes is that their ceramic coating retains heat. This is ingenious in my opinion, as holding a brush and blow-drying are two things my brain just can't fathom, so whilst the brush is still hot, I can lift and smooth my hair out, resulting in a fuss-free, professional and voluminous look. 

Sorry for the dry-shampoo in the bristles there... Cringe... Note to self: Remember to take pictures BEFORE I use things!
The bristles are great at catching the hair too. Do you know when you use a regular brush and your hair runs away from it? These ensure that the hair stays put until you get right to the tips, without knotting or getting stuck.

Overall, I really like this brush. I have always been a one-brush-for-all kind of girl but using this has convinced me that using the right brush for the job really makes a difference! 

You can purchase the Head Huggers range from denmanbrush.com or most Boots stores. They retail from £7.82 for the smallest size, up to £9.40 for the largest.

What do you think? What are your blow-drying tips?

Much Love,