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My GlossyBox: September 2011 Edition...

Afternoon Girlies,
So, the Postman has been and you all know what that means... GlossyBox time:

The theme of this month's box is '5 Future Classics' and is meant to be an array of new products which are bound to be can't-live-without-classics in the near future, and my box contained:

  • Neäl & Wølf Glow Super Shiny Spray
  • Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing Sachets
  • Plum by Mary Greenwell Eau De Parfum
  • GreenPeople Fruitful Nights Night Cream
  • HD Brows Eyes and Brows Palette in Foxy
On first impressions of this box, I was instantly drawn to the HD Brows set, and nothing much else. I have seen other boxes which include Sri-Vectin and other skin products which may have been more my cup of tea, but nonetheless, I'll give everything a go as I always do. So onto the products.

Salt Brushing by Dead Sea Spa is an exfoliating treatment to rid the body of dead skin. It contains Dead Sea salts, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E and is meant to hydrate, repair and soothe the body. The sachets are 50g (full size) and retail for £1.68 each. I will definitely be giving these a go before I tan next!

I have never heard of the GreenPeople brand and after a bit of research, they are a brand specialising in organic body care products. This particular product contains a whopping 90.1% certified organic ingredients! The Fruitful Nights has been voted the best miracle skin worker, contains jojoba and hibiscus rosehip and claims that: 
  • Blemishes and imperfections become less apparent
  • Dead skin cells lift away revealing younger skin beneath
  • Minimises fine lines and gives skin an even texture
  • For a softer, smoother face and neck
This is a 10ml sample, and the full sized 50ml product retails for £14.95 but is currently on sale for £9.95. If the product lives up to its claims, this could definitely be a winner!

This is one of the products that I can see myself using up right away. The Neäl & Wølf Glow Super Shine Spray is to be used all over dry hair and is meant to add lasting shine to your hair whilst controlling frizz and reducing static. This is a full sized 100ml product which retails for £11.95. It smells absolutely gorgeous. 

On to the most exciting product, at least for me, in this months box, the HD Brows Set. I tweeted about wanting the full on HD Brows treatment recently, but have yet to find a place in the City Centre which does it, this is the next best thing! I've heard so much buzz about HD Brows in the blogosphere and the fact that the formulation just does not budge. I can't wait to give this a proper go. Perfect brows here I come :D The only issue I had with this is that it did not come in a box and so when I opened it, one of the colours had chipped and there was dust everywhere :( Also I probably could have done with a lighter shade, as for my brows, only one of the colours is useable. However, they are gorgeous colours and will be great for a neutral smokey eye.

This is a full sized palette which retails for £24.95 (I think! I can't find a purchase link anywhere... I may just be a bit special, let me know if you find it). It's perfect handbag sized and great for on-the-go touch-ups.

Finally, the last product is a perfume called Plum. It's not my cup of tea on first smellings, but neither was the Lalique one and I really love that now. This is described as having top notes of peach, bergamot, lemon, plum and black currant; a heart of: gardenia, tuberose, orange blossom, rose and jasmine and base notes of: sandalwood, oak moss, patchouli, amber and white musk. It is a very Autumnal scent, so perfect for this time of year. 

What are your thoughts on this month's box and what did you get in yours?

Much Love,


  1. I have never heard of Glossy Box until I started following your blog, it is a fab idea, I think I will be signing up soon :) thanks for introducing me to it

  2. You're quite welcome hun! It's a great concept and apparently they're launching a mens box, would be interesting to see what comes of that :)

    Much Love,

  3. I got one two... But i didn't get all the same products as you. I did get the hdbrows, I love it! I will have to post about the October issue


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