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Fruity Haircare...

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Long time no blog :( I have been so busy this past month with Uni starting, working too much and general life problems, so this month I am trying to do Blogtober, and blog every day in October so that I can keep all 108 of you entertained and make up for the naff amount of posts in September!

L-R: Fruity Tropical Shimmer, Fruity Berry Protect and Refresh, Fruity Citrus Hydrate.

On to today's subject: Wilkinson's Fruity Haircare, in particular the Fruity Berry Protect and Refresh.

I blogged about how much I enjoyed the Wilkinson's Sweet Vanilla and Honey Shower Smoothie and their PR team was kind enough to send me some more of their products. 

These smell amazing and the strawberry filled scent hangs in your hair all day. All hair care products are two for £2 and £1.48 each, a great bargain for all of you new students out there. 

Shampoo: "You’ll love the gentle cleansing of this Fruity Berry Protection shampoo. It has been specially developed with extracts of cranberry, raspberry and strawberry, and formulated to offer help with protecting the vibrancy of colour treated hair." For the price of these products you can't really complain. My hair felt squeaky clean after using this shampoo, and although it didn't lather up too much, it did feel a little drying on my hair.  

Conditioner: "This fragrantly fruit conditioner enhances shine and adds berry scented freshness to healthy-looking hair. Also developed with fruit extracts, it leaves your hair soft and cares for your scalp – while giving you that fruity feeling!" The conditioner isn't the most thick nor does it cling to the hair after washing out, but it does do its job in that the ends of my hair felt more nourished and soft. You do however need a lot of product to feel a benefit. 

Hair mist: "This fruity spray has been specially formulated to refresh and add condition to colour treated hair at any time." By far my favourite product of them all! This spray smells gorgeous and I have been using it by just spritzing on day old hair or when I've used dry shampoo to get rid of the powdery smell. It lingers all day and I can't help but smell my hair when I use it.

I think I'd like to try the Citrus Hydrate products as I do have very dry hair and think these would definitely be more beneficial for my hair type, but for all of you who dye their hair (not blonde) this product will be great for you. I suggest you pop in store and give them all a little sniff, because all of the scents are lovely and for just £2 for a shampoo and conditioner, you can't go wrong!

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  1. I have the fruity tropical shimmer set & I think it's amazing......but I think I'll have to try the others swell :)


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