Thursday, 17 November 2011


You know that it's the Christmas Season when the Red Cups are out in Starbucks. Red Cups also mean Gingerbread syrup, which then means Gingerbread Hot Chocolates... Yuuuummmm, heaven in a cup :)

But due to this, I've gone a little Gingerbread crazy and picked up this gorgeous bath and shower gel from The Pink Cow at Boots

The Pink Cow is a lovely British company who produce yummy smelling bath products which are free from parabens and also do not test on animals. Happy Days! It also comes in a range of equally scrumptious scents.

The scent is just amazing and really addictive, so it's just as well that you get a massive 500ml for a tiny £2. 

On a side note, I now have and use Instagram follow me (Lamourlauran) and post your favourite Instagram users, I love looking through my feeds and seeing all of the beautiful photographs, it amazes me.

Do you have any favourite Christmas scents?

Much Love,