Monday, 7 November 2011

A Magnetic Attraction...

There's no way you can avoid the magnetic nail trend at the moment. The intriguing designs and colours are a great alternative to the nail wraps and easy to do at home. From FashionistA to Boots 17, brands are popping up with their own renditions everywhere. Have you given them a go yet?

The most talked about has to be the FashionistA range backed by The Saturdays, each of whom has their own colour:

I have two of the shades, which are now on 3 for 2 in Superdrug; All Fired Up Red (Rochelle) and Purple Me Up (Mollie). The polishes are £6 each and the magnet is £3. 

I love, love, love the effect that these polishes give! It almost gives a hologram type of effect when you move your nails in the light, they are definitely a great take on the nail art trend. They are also really easy to use! Just paint one coat of the polish on, leave to dry and paint on another coat. Whilst this coat is still wet, hover the magnet over the nail to get the effect. I found that it worked a lot better doing the second coat and magnet trick nail by nail. This was the end result:

The colours and formula are great, so much so they are beautiful on their own as normal polishes. The fact that the magnets are sold separately is a slight downside however, as most other brands include the magnet with the polish rather then selling them separately. On the other hand, it does stop you ending up with loads of magnets you have no use for. I really hope new designs are released soon as whilst the effect is pretty, like the crackle polishes, it will get repetitive. 

All in all I really like this range and I am definitely going to be picking up the other three colours while they are still on 3 for 2. 

What are your thoughts?

Much Love,