Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Scentsational: Sex and the City Perfume at Wilkinsons...

"Wilkinson has an exclusive launch of two Sex and the City fragrances, with Givaudan, which capture New York City’s energy and unique sensibility. The new fragrances have been developed by three of Givaudan’s top perfumers who are behind Bobbi Brown, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger colognes. ‘Sex and the City’ perfume has a subtle touch of passion fruit, with the heart of the perfume being feminine and soft. ‘Sex and the City by Night’ is the equivalent of your LBD! This perfume offers a captivating, luxurious and powdery essence that has been developed by jasmine, sandalwood and tonka beans. The duo will be hitting Wilkinson’s shelves at the beginning of November."

When I was sent this fragrance by the lovely Lucy at Kavanagh Communications, I wasn't expecting much, for a mere £9 how nice could it be?!

Well, really nice actually! It has a lovely fruity, sweet scent that is light and feminine. The first thing I think of when I smell it is Beyoncé Heat Rush. I have received so many compliments when wearing this scent, and although it doesn't hang around long on the skin, it's a great scent to throw in your handbag and freshen up with throughout the day. In fact, I had to fish it out of the bottom of mine to take these photos. 

The bottle is glass and has a nice weight to it, meaning it doesn't look too cheap or tacky. It's pretty in a simple way. The variation I have is the gold 'By Day' 60ml which is just £15... Absolutely bargainous! It also comes in 'By Night' which is more of an evening, sexy scent.

Do you think you'll be giving this a little sniff next time you're in Wilkos?

Much Love,