Friday, 23 March 2012

Early Payday = Beauty Haul!...

So I've just been paid and obviously after a week of a complete shopping ban (money never seems to stay in my account long enough), beauty shopping was calling me and here's what I've come home with!
Models Own Nail Polishes in; Snow White, Disco Mix and Purple Ash - £5 Each. I went in with the intention of getting Utopia and Juicy Jules but everything had sold down so picked up these three instead. Everyone seems to go crazy for 3 for 2!
Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat - £6.65. I had the OPI Nail Envy in my hands and decided £18.85 was far to much to part with for a nail treatment. Instead I went with a top coat as mine has just about run out. 
17 Photo Flawless Primer - £4.99 and Collection 2000 (now just 'Collection') Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 2 - £4.19. Two amazing products. Don't let prices fool you girlies these products rival their high end counterparts. 
After realising the new Leeds Topshop does actually have a make up section (top floor.. Duh!) I went a bit blogger cliché on you and I picked up Blush in Neon Rose - £6 and Lip Stick in Coy - £7. I went in to pick up the Razzmatazz polish (here) but they were all sold out :( If anyone sees it in please let me know.
Finally, not beauty related, I picked up these two rings in the Miss Selfridge sale for £2 and £3 respectively. I saw the Hope ring in Topshop in silver for full price £10 and really wanted it in gold so luck would have it Arcadia tend to duplicate and I found this! Meant to be. M/L is a little big, but S/M is always too tight and I risk losing a finger, should have definitely been adjustable. 

If you want an in depth review of any of the products, let me know (Topshop Make Up coming up soon!) and i'll be happy to do it. Now i'm going to sit calmly and try and come down from the £70 free chocolate sugar high i've been on for the past two hours at work.

Much Love,