Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Primark Beauty Nail Polish: Spring/Summer Colours...

Primark Beauty Nail Polish - £2 for a set of four. 
You know how Primark love to tempt you with things whilst you're waiting to pay? Well that's how this bundle of springy nail goodness ended up in my basket. £2, I couldn't resist!

Each polish is 6ml and the bottle is tiny, making them a little difficult to get a good grip on when painting. The formula is great and only needed two coats to give an opaque finish. The drying time isn't amazing but on par with the likes of Barry M. I love the blue and green, they are such pretty spring colours and are perfect for adding that little bit of colour into an outfit whilst the weather is still cold. For the price they're great value and there were a number of sets from dark vampy colours to glitters, so something for everyone.

What do you think?
Much Love,