Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Japonesque Travel Make Up Brushes...

So I was kindly sent some of the Japonesque Travel brushes to review for you all a couple of weeks ago and I must say, for a brand I've only just stumbled upon, I'm really surprised by the quality of these brushes. I am not a label snob when it comes to makeup and especially brushes, for me if it gets the job done it's a good brush, but these may have just converted me to spending that little bit extra.
The Eye Shadow Fluff Brush was by far my favourite of the two brushes. It's so soft, but at the same time stiff enough to get that perfect blended shadow for a gorgeous smokey eye. It is the perfect size and shape to pack shadow onto the lids too with minimal mess. The brush itself is around half the size of a standard eye shadow brush making it perfect for travel and for popping into make up bags for all you 'on the go' girlies. It is fantastic quality, the bristles show no sign of shedding and the brush itself is well made so no chance of it falling to pieces after a couple of months. 
The Travel Concealer brush is again another great brush, I am just more partial to my trusty No.7 one, as flat concealer brushes don't seem to cover up dark circles as well as I'd like, however it was good at hiding small blemishes. Where it shone was using it to apply liquid highlighter onto my cheekbones. The bristles are flexible but the flat paddle shape makes it perfect for highlighting as you can dab on the product with control and highlight the high points of the face easily. 

Overall I'm really impressed by the brand and would love to try out more of the full-sized face brushes. You can purchase a range of Japonesque products from Boots. 

Much Love,