Tuesday, 29 May 2012

GHD Boho Chic...

Where would a girl be without her GHDs?! I bought these just after Christmas after breaking my previous Pink Edition pair (I had them for a good 4 years and they just gave up on me). I have used GHDs for as long as I've been straightening my hair, they are genuinely THE best brand of straighteners in my opinion. I can create so many styles with them because of their rounded barrel, from poker straight to beachy waves, quickly and with ease. 

I don't often wear my hair straight, it's not in the best condition and so suits and holds curls and waves a whole lot better, but when I do, these straighteners leave it looking and feeling a lot smoother and sleeker. 

The plates heat up quickly, beeping to let you know they've reached optimum temperature, and automatically shut off after 30 minutes, ideal if like me you forget to turn things off and avoiding running back home to check. For these reasons, I think the GHD stylers are worth every penny. They are more expensive than other brands, but the results are worth it. 

What do you think of GHDs, are they your holy grail hair tool?
Much Love,