Friday, 25 May 2012

My GlossyBox: May 2012 Edition...

Happy 1st Birthday GlossyBox! This month's box was a special anniversary box celebrating their 12th box and 1st Birthday. Here's what I received in mine this month:
  • Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel
  • Lolita Lempicka Fragrance
  • Neal's Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture
  • Eldora False Eyelashes in H122
  • Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner in Brown
Shower gels seem to be a standard product in sample boxes, not that I'm complaining, I've not had to buy one in quite a while! Noble Isle, a British brand who use locally sourced products, describe this scent as a fragrance evoking the beginnings of summer, with extracts of toning elderflower and antioxidant-charged gooseberry with clean notes of orange blossom, moss and cut grass. Personally I can't smell that, but it does smell lovely and Summer-eveningy which I really like. The bath & shower gels retail for £20 for 250ml of product and there's four scents to choose from.
Perfume samples... I have a love/hate relationship with them. I feel that fragrance is difficult to pick for a person and to be honest, while these are nice, they are really not me. They would be more suited to those who enjoy a more sophisticated scent. The Eau De Parfum is their original scent, with aniseed and vanilla notes, I do actually like this one, which is unusual as i HATE aniseed, but giving it a sniff now, it's really light, clean and floral. On the other hand, L'Eau en Blanc, it overpoweringly musky and very powdery, not up my street at all! The full sized bottles are stunning and would make a great gift priced at £49 for 50ml.
I walk past the Neal's Yard store in the Victoria Quarter twice a day and never think to pop in and have a look, but given how much I already like this product I will definitely be paying it a little visit. I have been suffering from dry patches as a result of a bad reaction to some Clearasil products I have been using and this, although for normal skin, has really calmed it! It's lightly scented and light on the skin so is easy to use under make up and doesn't irritate sensitive skin. This is a 45ml sample, the full-sized 100ml product retails for £22.50. I am thinking about trying out the Wild Rose Daily Moisture, have any of you tried it?
I love the look of these lashes, they remind me so much of the Eyelure Naturalites and I can't wait to give them a go. I have never heard of the Eldora brand before, but they have an amazing array of lashes, from natural to feather with prices starting at just £3.90 a set. With its vast range of lashes, from natural to extreme, there is a pair for everyone for any occasion.
Collection is a brand which hasn't graced my makeup collection much aside from the infamous Lasting Perfection Concealer. I have never been one for brown eyeliner, however given the hotter weather we've been experiencing and the inclination to go for a more natural makeup look, I'll be giving this a go. The consistency is creamy, the colour is rich and once set does't smudge too easily. This is a great option if you're wanting to try out gel liners as this is just £4.99!

I have received 11 of the 12 GlossyBoxes and I can say I've enjoyed each one. I love the concept and the fact I get to try so many different brands and types of product I'd never usually pick up. 

What are your thoughts on sample boxes? Do you think they're worth it?
Much Love,