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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

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Hair Removal – A Solution Finally in Sight?  

Waxing, depilatory creams or, worst of all, shaving.  Are they a thing of the past?  They’ve certainly been around for a while and women throughout history have been plagued with unwanted body hair.  Fashions have changed over the centuries, and across cultures, but the basic formula seems to have been men; hairy, women; not.  Even in cultures with a more relaxed attitude to feminine body hair the rule “a beard maketh the man and noteth the woman” seems to be a pretty common feature.  In modern culture, many women remain slaves to their beauty regime, spending hours in uncomfortable positions applying uncomfortable potions.  Laser hair removal has, finally, seen a great leap forward in the permanent removal of hair.  The latest development is the home removal hair laser system; so is this the final solution for women?

Hair Removal Choices
  •  The biggest downside to most traditional forms of hair removal has been the repeat treatments needed.  Shaving is hardly a long term solution and can lead to skin irritation, ingrown hairs and is ultimately time consuming.  Depilatory creams and waxing are longer term but still require repeated treatment.  Laser hair removal is not a one-off treatment and it can take repeated sessions, over a period of time, to inhibit the growth of unwanted hair.  In the past, the cost of salon or clinic treatment has been the biggest obstacle.  With home laser systems, the treatment can be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Over a period of time, laser treatment is proven to result in a permanent reduction in hair growth.  
  • Traditional treatments are basically a hassle.  Even shaving, which can, at least be completed at home, is a pain.  Waxing and other longer term treatments can be completed at home too, if you’ve plenty of time on your hands (and often a willing accomplice).  In terms of cost, this type of treatment can be economical, however repeat costs add up.  Laser treatment at home does need some time set aside, but it can be completed on the couch watching other housewives being desperate and not sharing the feeling.  In terms of the hassle score, home lasers win the game every time. 
  • Laser, IPL and electrolysis are the more complex solutions to hair removal.  Despite its many downsides, shaving is at least simple.  The modern treatments have, in the past, required session after session at a clinic or salon.  Pampering is great, but this kind of regular treatment can be difficult to find the time for.  In the case of electrolysis, the treatment schedule can stretch to a period of years.  Home lasers combine the advantages of being a simple solution that can be fitted in when you have the time.    
  • Some of us are more sensitive than others.  In the case of shaving this can add to the discomfort and the cost in the form of irritable skin and expensive skincare treatment.  Waxing is not known for its pleasurable sensation.  Laser treatment is generally found acceptable by those with even the lowest pain threshold.  At worst, it’s known for producing a pinching or tingling sensation.  It also doesn’t cause skin irritation, except very occasionally after the first treatment, although this subsides on its own within a few hours. 
Lasers, costly and effective?
The cost of laser treatment, IPL and electrolysis has been the most significant factor for many women keeping them on the wish list.  One home laser product, the TRIA Beauty device, is certainly changing all that.  The simple fact that they offer a one-off cost solution and that repeated top up treatments can be conducted whenever you need to do so, makes them hugely competitive compared to salon treatments.  In the case of the TRIA permanent hair removal laser, it may cost a little more than a razor; but it won’t go blunt.  So far the TRIA laser reviews have been overwhelmingly positive in terms of effectiveness, while the affordability of this and similar systems has been a significant feature that women from many backgrounds appreciate.   
Can home lasers really provide a final solution for women tired of shaving, plucking and melting their unwanted hair on an all too regular basis?  The TRIA permanent hair removal system, a home laser product, seems to be leading the way and suggesting that the answer might finally be “yes”. 

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Have you or will you be trying out laser hair removal? I've always been so intrigued by it and have heard amazing things from friends about the results, and with a celeb following including Kim Kardashian, you can't go wrong with this at home laser hair removal gadget.

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  1. I don't is super expensive and you have to be ready to commit. I tried about 4 sessions, but they said I needed more and I didn't have more money to put toward it. I'm a bit afraid if i do it again I have to start from the beginning!


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