Monday, 2 July 2012

N-Spa Fruit: Raspberry Milkshake...

Body Scrub - £1, Body Cream - £1, Shower and Bath Gel - £1.25
"Imagine" said the wise man, "that the moon was made of raspberry. Would all socks be pink and all flowers be meringue?Perhaps... And when the evening falls shall we slide down the crescent laughing as we splash into warm waters of sweet milk, how enchanting life would be."

How cute is that to put on packaging!? I ordered these N-Spa products from ASDA along with my shopping this week, and I'm so glad I did. They smell amazing, sort of like the raspberry flavoured kids yoghurts, as I'm sat here now writing this, I can't stop smelling them! The scent is described as a blend of wild raspberry, summer flowers and soft musk, and it definitely is perfect for summer. The body scrub is great to use, being in squeezy packaging means you don't have to scoop out the product and it's much less messy. The grains are seed-like and offer gentle exfoliation, whilst the rest of the formula is really moisturising, ensuring my skin felt nourished and not tight after its use. My favourite product is the shower gel. It foams up so well and again is a really moisturising formula and has a scent which lingers subtly on the skin after use. The body cream is a really light, lotion like consistency which sinks into the skin quickly, with little residue. I've been loving using this before I fake tan as it is moisturising enough to even out dry patches but sinks in quick enough that it doesn't take an age for my tan to dry. In combination these products leave your skin super smooth and smelling amazing.

I'm really impressed with this brand. Their products are really accessible, they have a huge range of products and scents, (gingerbread and apple-mint anyone?) meaning that there really is something for everyone. I really want to try out the N-Spa skincare range, with prices ranging from £1.95-£6, surely you can't go wrong! 

Have you tried anything from N-Spa?

Much Love,