Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rose Gold...

I am in love with Rose Gold at the moment, I think it looks so much better on my skin tone than Gold and it's so much prettier to look at than Silver. I think the high street really needs to whack out some more Rose Gold accessories, especially for the summer and more clothing and bag with detailing, Rose Gold spikes and studs anyone?!
Mulberry + Rose Gold = Died and gone to heaven! If I had the funds I would definitely run to the Victoria Quarter and buy this in an instant. I wore Orly's Rage for my Graduation and it's a sort of metallic Rose colour which looks lovely against a tan. Ahh, the Michael Kors watch I have been lusting after for years, I recently bought a really good dupe of this from River Island for a purse friendly £25, so good a match is it, my manager had to have me take it off to compare it to hers!

Much Love,