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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autumn/Winter: House of Fraser Dress Picks...

Autumn/Winter '12 is all about Gothic, Baroque and leather adorned in shades of berry and opulent embellishments. House of Fraser is filled to the brim with designer and high street brands each offering their own interpretations, here are a few of my favourite Autumn/Winter party dresses;

I for one am embracing the leather trend with full force and this Lipsy number combines it with this beautiful pattern. Big patterns are great for making parts of the body look smaller and the peplum shape is perfect for hiding tums and faking Kim Kardashian worthy curves.

This stunning Red Lace French Connection Dress (The USA variation of) was seen on the gorgeous Taylor Swift recently. The skater skirt is universally flattering and the red lace adds a touch of Hollywood glamour. The berry tones this season run from bright reds to deep plums and burgundy's so there is definitely a shade to suit everyone.

My favourite trend has to be heavy sequins and embellishment, you can't help but feel amazing in a full sequin dress! Keep shapes simple and classic when going for sequins or embellishment to help streamline the figure and make the piece last the seasons. This Mango Sequinned Shift Dress is perfect for the upcoming party season, and can be paired with a fitted blazer and sky high heels for the ultimate in effortless sophistication. For all of you vintage lovers, this Biba Flapper Dress really fits the bill.

As the run up to Christmas seems to start in October in retail, I'm throughly in the spirit and can't wait to inject to Christmas Glam into my wardrobe!

What trends will you be sporting this Autumn?

Much Love,

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Origins Skin Pick-Me-Ups: VitaZing and GinZing...

VitaZing £27 and GinZing £21
If you've not heard of these two products you've definitely been hiding under one massive beauty product rock! I recently ordered the Origins Super Spot Remover (review here) and as a bonus for purchasing online I got to choose a few sample products to try out. I picked up the VitaZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser and GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream amongst a few.

Origins VitaZing is a product I've been wanting to try for a while now. It is basically a light day moisturiser with a sheer tint, to perfect skin tone and leave it with a "holiday glow". The active ingredient is Mangosteen which has traditionally been used to treat skin problems due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

It's an oil free formula which feels light and fresh on the skin. The tint leaves a natural looking glow and imperfections in my skin tone appear less visible. In no way is this a replacement for foundation or even tinted moisturiser in my eyes, but it makes a great base for foundation. I do however feel that when I use this product, my skin is slightly more oily than usual at the end of the day, but on the other hand my makeup looks a lot better and applies with greater ease. 

Overall, this is not a saviour or must have product in my opinion, but I am really enjoying using it. I will probably be repurchasing a full sized one nearer Spring time when I will be favouring less make up and a fresher look to the skin. 

Origins GinZing is a brightening eye cream which aims to hydrate and de-puff the eyes. The product itself is a pearlescent tinted cream, with a slight 'foundation scent' to it. Caffeine, ginseng and magnolia extract all combine to pep up, brighten and disguise dark circles, instantly faking a long restful nights sleep. 

I have absolutely loved using this moisturiser! My eye area is not only hydrated but bright, and using it has lessened my need for under-eye concealing. It has been such a life saver after a heavy night out and an early start to work, I dab this under my eyes and all evidence of the previous night is gone. 

I will definitely be repurchasing this! A little goes such a long way and I can see this little 5ml sample lasting an age.

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?
Much Love,

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Origins: Super Spot Remover...

On my quest for skin-perfection I'm always reading up on skin care. Origins is a brand I've heard of solely through blogs and all of their products are packed full of skin-loving ingredients. I'm becoming more and more conscious of what I'm putting onto my skin as I'm becoming more knowledgeable of skin care and associated ingredients. Anyway, I ordered this little gem after reading so many great reviews.

The Origins Super Spot Remover is a gel which contains a potent mix of salicylic acid, red algae, caffeine and exfoliators to help reduce, fade and fight spots and blemishes. I've used these kinds of treatments for as long as I can remember, from Oxy10 to PanOxyl with varying degrees of success. 

I've been using this after I've thoroughly exfoliated and cleansed my skin, at night, to gain the best results. I dab the smallest blob of the gel onto any spots and leave it to work its magic. I warn you, this stuff STINGS, but to me this means it's working. The gel sort of sets and provides a layer over the blemish which then dries it out, (this all sounds very gross) reducing the size and redness of the blemish overnight. I do suggest using a moisturiser if you're using this on large portions of your face, as it does dry out my skin and leaves it feeling tight especially across the cheeks. 

The bottle is minuscule! I was actually surprised at its size, but a little product does goes a long way. However, £13 for just 10ml is a little steep in my opinion when products like PanOxyl are less than £5 for a tube full and basically do the same job (just less effectively). I am slightly on the fence with this product, I really love the results and the 'quick fix' it provides, but the price and amount of product really puts me off repurchasing it. 

Have you tried the Super Spot Remover? What did you think, is it worth the price tag?

Much Love,

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Berry Lips: Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Collection

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 107 (Wine) - £5.49
I've fallen hard for the berry lips trend this season and I'm instantly drawn to the deep berry, almost gothic shades on the counters at the moment. I thought I'd ease myself into the trend with this, not too daring, shade of berry-goodness in the form of Rimmel's Lasting Finish Kate Moss Matte Collection Shade 107 (mouthful much?!).

The formulation of these lipsticks is amazing, not just for their price tag, but in general. Even though they have a matte finish, their consistency is not at all chalky or drying and the pigmentation and staying power rival MAC's Amplified formula.

I've used this in so many ways since I bought it; Dabbed on the lips to give a light stain, straight from the bullet (which gives a gorgeous deep raspberry colour) and mixed with black gel eyeliner... Okay that was an experimentation to see whether I could get it to look more dramatic and vampy and you know what? It really worked! Plus it DID NOT budge all night, WIN! 

I'm really wanting to pick up Revlon's Black Cherry as it is the classic deep berry shade, and plus it will save me using up all my liner. I've really loved pairing this bold lip with a flick liner and and minimal shadow, really letting the lips do all the talking. 

What do you think of the vampy lip for A/W? Do you dare to try?
Much Love,

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It's Cold Outside...

I must admit, Barratts has never been a place I've frequented for fashionable and affordable shoes, but boy have I been missing out! Look at these beauties perfect for the colder weather:

You all must be aware by now that I have an unhealthy obsession with all things spiked, theses Spiked Boots will be perfect for A/W; paired with skinny jeans and a fur collared winter coat in the day or a leather skirt and collared shirt for a night out. For a more fashion forward look, I LOVE these Heel-Less Wedge Boots. Although they may prove a nightmare to stay upright in, I think they make such a statement on the foot. 

These Wedge Ankle Boots are very similar to the cult Topshop boots and are a snippet of the price at just £30. Great for throwing on with a pair of skinny jeans or thick tights. A more grungy option are these Strap and Stud Boots, the detailing is gorgeous and will definitely last the seasons. If you're not brave enough to harness the spiked clothing trend, these are a great alternative to add a bit of hardware to your outfit. 

What do you think? Have you checked out Barratts recently?

Much Love,

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Dove Hair Therapy: Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Conditioning & Care Spray...

I've been on a massive hair care kick recently and have stocked up on so many oil infused 'rescue' products, one of them being the Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Conditioning and Care Spray. 

The formula contains almond, coconut and argan oil to help smooth the hair and reduce frizz. The spray doesn't weigh down your hair, nor leave it greasy looking. I've been using this through wet hair to detangle it and through dry hair to further nourish the ends of my hair and add a shine. 

However, I don't think that this is an amazing product, nor do I think it does anything to actually improve the overall condition of my hair, it's more of a quick fix and for that reason I won't be repurchasing it. It is a great detangling spray though and definitely makes combing and blowdrying my hair more stress free. 

What did you think of it?
Much Love,

Thursday, 4 October 2012

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil...

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - £9.99
Another one of my 'hair care health kick' products, except with this one I think I've found a holy grail in the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil.

I must admit, it was the gorgeous flowy locks of Doutzen Kroes in the advert which drew me to buy this product (well done advertisers!), but I'm seriously glad that I did. This blend of 6 flower oils including Gardenia, can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment or as a finishing oil to smooth fly-aways and add shine. 

The product comes in two variations, one for all hair types and the other specifically for coloured hair. I picked up the one for normal hair types as I already use specified products to combat fading of my colour. I really like the packaging, the weighty glass bottle makes it feel like a salon branded product and the pump makes it so much easier to dispense the right amount of product without making a huge mess. I also really love the scent, it has a slight floral and musky note to it, but it's just pleasant and hangs about in your hair too which is really nice.

I used this first as a pre-shampoo treatment, dispensing two pumps through my hair concentrating it at the ends. The packaging doesn't give much detail about what to do next. I left it for as long as it took me to do all of the other showerly things and rinsed it out. I didn't notice an instant difference like I did with the VO5 Moisture Soak Elixir, but once my hair dried I did notice that my hair was a lot smoother, dried faster than usual and dried with no frizz and minimised fly-aways. 

I also used this once my hair was dry and ran a pump through the very ends of my hair. The result when I styled it the next day was that my colour looked more vibrant than usual, my hair felt softer and held the style a lot more along with a gorgeous salon worthy shine. My friends commented on how nice my hair looked and even asked if I'd had it coloured again. 

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone especially if you have very dry or frizzy hair. I don't feel like this weighs down my hair either so I think it would be great even for those with finer hair types. It also contains a UV Filter which is great for minimising sun damage to the hair. 

Have you tried Extraordinary Oil? What did you think?

Much Love,

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

BuyaPowa: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh...

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh 75ml - £32 via BuyaPowa
I have been lusting after this perfume for ages for one thing, I am an absolute sucker for packaging and the Marc Jacobs perfumes definitely deliver on that front and secondly, everytime I can pick this up on anyone who is wearing it and I just want to stand and sniff them ... However that would be creepy so when it cropped up on BuyaPowa for just £32 for 75ml I snapped it up.

"Vibrant, Charming, Whimsical. Daisy eau so fresh is the spirited new version of the original Daisy. It transports you to a place that is happy and sunny exuding a youthful spirit with a positively fresh and charmingly simple feeling. Daisy eau so fresh excites the senses bringing the feeling of happiness and contentment. It's bright, elegant, and full of charm. Lose yourself in a field of flowers with daisy eau so fresh."

There's literally nothing in that description I can argue with. Daisy Eau So Fresh is the perfect balance of girly and elegant without being overpowering. I love the original Daisy, but can smell quite heavy, this version is definitely more for everyday and Summer. Being an Eau De Toilette rather than Parfum, means that it doesn't last as long on the skin, however I'm sat here 5 hours after applying it and I'm still getting a slight floral waft. 

I really have fallen in love with this fragrance and I'm not one of those people who prefer certain scents for certain seasons, so will definitely be using this all year round.

If you've not tried BuyaPowa yet, you should have a browse. Basically it is a co-buying website, the more people who join the co-buy the cheaper they can drive down the price. If you bring in the most co-buyers or buy the quickest you will receive your item for free! There are so many bargains to be had within beauty and fragrance but they have also started introducing electrical and technological goods such as iPads. I can see myself checking this daily now the Christmas countdown has begun!

Do you have any perfume recommendations?

Much Love,

Monday, 1 October 2012

MUA: Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette...

How many neutral eyeshadows does one girl need?! You can never have enough is the right answer and this MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Heaven and Earth fits right in and stands out all in one compact package. 

The MUA palettes are famed for their low price point, great colour range and good quality. The Heaven and Earth Palette is their answer to the Urban Decay Naked Palette, with 12 shimmery neutral shades which can create anything from an understated and pretty day time look, to a dramatic evening look. 

The 12 shades have great pigmentation, the lighter shades are a bit of a let down, but the darker shades more than make up for it. They are easy to blend and stay put a reasonable time without a primer. I have found myself reaching for this palette a lot more than my Naked one as it has a greater colour choice and is much easier to travel with, and I prefer it to my Sleek Au Naturale Palette too as the colours are more flattering on my skin tone. At just £4 for 12 shades, I can't really complain! 

Obviously I would stay away from this if you are not a fan of shimmery shades on the eyes, but MUA do have a matte palette available along with ones with more vibrant shades. MUA really are a fantastic affordable brand which shows you really don't have to spend a fortune to look amazing.

What do you think of MUA?

Much Love,

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