Monday, 22 July 2013

"That's Why Her Hair's So Big... It's Full of Secrets": Sleep-In Rollers Mega Bounce

Sleep In Rollers Review
Sleep-In Rollers Mega Bounce Gift Set (*) - £35.00

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent the Mega Bounce Gift Set by Sleep-In Rollers to try out and it's safe to say I have found my hair saviour! 

Sleep In Rollers Review
Sleep In Rollers Review

Sleep-In Rollers are a soft velcro roller with a foam middle, making them far easier to sleep in than your conventional rollers. The Mega Bounce gift set consists of a set of Mega Bounce Rollers, which are larger than the original Sleep-In Rollers and are designed to give lift and bounce to the roots. It also consists of a pack of the original Sleep-In Rollers, hair grips and a blow-dry hood (looks hilarious but gives amazing results!).

The Sleep-In Rollers are so easy to use, the fact that they are pliable somehow makes them easier to put in and they genuinely do stay put. I found that I only needed to use the grips on a few of the Mega Bounce Rollers to keep them in place, the rest gripped really well in the hair. I placed the Mega Bounce Rollers to the top sections of my hair and the crown, and the Sleep-In Rollers throughout the rest of my hair, I only needed about 12 to fill the whole of my head, because the Mega Bounce ones are so large. Dampening my hair made it so much easier to put the rollers in.

To sleep on, they aren't entirely comfortable but you can get a good nights sleep wearing them. I just found myself sleeping on my stomach, but for the results they give, I'd sleep with my head hanging off the bed if I had to!

Sleep-In Rollers Results
Sleep-In Rollers ResultsSleep-In Rollers Results

Let's just address the fact that I used no product and absolutely no heat to test just how effective the Sleep-In Rollers are on their own, and this was the result! I haven't seen my hair look this good since... well, ever... My hair felt light and bouncy and the volume and curl actually stuck around for two whole days and a trip on the Megabus (a mean feat for any hair product). I can see myself digging these out on a weekly basis as I received so many compliments on my hair.

I can't recommend Sleep-In Rollers enough to you all, you can find them on, Boots and Feel Unique and there's literally a set for everyone. If you've used Sleep-In Rollers leave me a comment below and let me know if you'll be buying some if not.

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