Friday, 6 December 2013

Victoria's Secret: Sexy Little Things Noir EDP...

With notes of "sparkling nectarine, sultry amber and exotic cattelaya orchid" Sexy Little Things Noir is not my typical scent, but I couldn't resist it's sultry scent and the bottle now sits beautifully on my fragrance shelf. 
Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir 50ml - £44*
When you first spray the fragrance, the fruity note of nectarine is definitely the first thing that hits you but as it settles down the muskier and woodier facets come out, making it a stunning evening scent. Working at Victoria's Secret means I do get to try all of their fragrances every time I detour through the Beauty section, which makes this one all the more special as I actually bought it. I will however admit that the packaging did sway me to make the purchase, it's just so gorgeous and who can resist an atomiser?!

The wear time of this scent is about 4 hours, but it's such a lovely scent that I don't mind re-spritzing every now and then. If you're stuck for gift ideas, I'd definitely go and check out your nearest Victoria's Secret store as the Beauty Department has some amazing scent gift sets at the moment.

What's your favourite Victoria's Secret Beauty product?

Much Love,

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