Friday, 3 January 2014

Restaurant Review: The Pit Leeds...

Leeds' 'The Pit' is the newest restaurant to be opened by the Arc Inspirations group, the likes of which own some of the most successful bars/restaurant in Leeds (Box, The Arc and Napa), and it centres its food around their hand built smoker and charbroiler and a whole lot of meat. 
The Pit is situatuated down Merrion Street in Leeds, right opposite Verve and is mainly underground. The bar itself is lovely and the smell of food instantly hits you. We were seated immediately with no waiting time (although a lot of tables had been reserved prior to us arriving) and we browsed the drinks menu which was filled with unique signature cocktails. I went for the Bourborn & Butter, containing peanut butter, which was seriously strong (no mixers here baby) but weirdly moorish whilst The Boy went for the Lemon Meringue... Literally THE most incredible cocktail I have ever tasted.

On to the food. I don't even know where to start. For one, we ordered too much food. Two starters, two mains and two cocktails, I was fit to burst by the end, but the food was just so good. We started with Philly Fries and the Meaty BBQ Nachos. The portions are smaller than expected, but I think that was because we were thinking along the lines of Red's True Barbecue, where serving a bin lid of meat is the norm, but the portion sizes were deceptively filling and in hindsight far more appropriate for the meal. The 'Pig Out' burger was gorgeous, I loved the pork, apple and bacon combo but I definitely struggled to finish it.

If you're already a lover of the other bars in the Arc Inspirations brand, The Pit is a sure fire winner for you, with many of their menu favourites appearing on The Pit's menu board, just bigger and better, you're bound to find something to devour. Also, the Pit is a great alternative to Red's True Barbecue if you struggle to get a table their through their peak times. For me, their cocktail selection is on point and a definite talking point. I'd recommend anyone to go for a few drinks, and challenge you to be able to walk straight after!

Have you been to The Pit?

Much Love,

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