Monday, 10 March 2014

DIY Ombré Hair: Bleach London and Bblonde...

As the seasons are changing, I decided to give my ombré hair a little revamp, giving the tips a wash of white-blonde using Jerome Russell Bblonde Medium Lift Blonding Kit to give the ombré its lift and finishing off with toning and conditioning products from new kids on the block Bleach London.
Bblonde is the only kit I've ever used to ombré my hair. Its so easy to use and gives exactly the results I look for. I started off applying bleach to the areas I wanted to turn white. I focused this on the very ends of my hair aiming to get the product equally applied across my hair. I scrunched the bleach up the hair to give it a more natural gradient. After 30 minutes I applied a bit more bleach, higher up my hair, using the same scrunching technique. After another 30 minutes I washed everything out and applied the provided conditioning shampoo.
The results weren't as white as I wanted to I picked up the Silver Shampoo and Conditioner from Bleach London, a salon brand which is renowned for its incredible hair colours. After two applications of the shampoo and conditioner the ends of my hair are a lovely ashy white-blonde colour. The products smell lovely and are not too highly pigmented that you go from yellow to purple in one application. I am now using this combination on a weekly basis to keep up the vibrancy of my colour.
The final product I purchased was another my Bleach, their Reincarnation Mask, a deep treatment conditioner aimed at increasing hairs elasticity and repairing the dryness and damage associated with dying your hair. This product is incredible!  I applied this thick mask to the mid lengths and ends to pre-shampooed hair and combed through. I tied my up whilst it soaked in and washed it out after 10 minutes. It smells a little like Sudocrem, but the results are amazing, transforming my parched ends to hydrated flowing locks which are easy to style and much more manageable, even the Boy commented on how soft my hair was.
The mask has to be one of my favourite discoveries of late and it has come from a brand that I didn't know much about. What has been your favourite discovery recently?

Much Love,

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