Sunday, 13 April 2014

Mission Clean & Lean: 21 Day Detox...

It is officially 60 Days until I will be donning a bikini and jetting off to hotter climes for my Summer holiday (and 1st ever trip abroad in over 10 years!), and whilst I am fully aware that Summer bodies are made in the Winter, I am upping my fitness routine and clean eating to ensure I feel and look my best.

Mission Clean & Lean are a unique, online detox program lead by Fern Whittaker & Jo Parry, who aim to motivate and transform all of their members through just 21 days of clean eating and 20 minutes of daily exercise. Looking through their Facebook page and their members before and after photos, you can see that their regime is nothing but successful, shedding pounds and inches and overhauling their lifestyles.

The plan is incredibly social, making use of Facebook and Twitter to really support their members to keep them motivated and on target to meet their goals. The girls share their information daily, posting exercise plans and meals for the following day. Tomorrow marks the first day of my detox, I have my shopping list and meal plans in hand and I can't wait to get started.

I will be sharing my all of my measurements at the end of the detox (alongside the dreaded before and after photos), so make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep updated with what I'm eating and doing and feel free to tweet me or leave comments below.

Much Love,

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